Interns gain a unique experience by fully immersing themselves in the work environment of an international IT company. It is a perfect start in a career for students or a breakthrough for already experienced engineers. Acquired skills will allow working on a par with world experts and to be a necessary and indispensable employee.

IAW interns begin to study German even before going to Germany and continue a German course till the end of the internship. As a result, the trainees learn about German culture, make new acquaintances, and naturally learn a new language. Such experiences have a positive impact. The interns get a great experience in intercultural communication and in soft personal skills, which are necessary for success in the workplace.

Another advantage is the ability to travel all over Europe due to the developed German infrastructure, paid holiday, and a monthly scholarship.

A fully equipped apartment, medical insurance, paid holiday, and transport, as well as a monthly scholarship from € 700, are waiting for you.

Do you like traveling, discovering new curious and unusual places, visiting castles? Maybe do you like festivals, concerts, or carnivals? Or are you inspired by football, German cars, and beer? All this you can do in your free time with colleagues or friends.

But even that is not all you get joining the IAW Internship. The next advantage of the program is that after the successful completion of the internship, trainees get a job in their home country and continue cooperation with the company. In this way, IAW is a long-term project aimed at good results and a significant increase in living standards.