Vacant positions

Job DescriptionTechnologiesIndustryLocation
Testing and lab software for technical calculations to produce gearboxes, gears and safety instruments systems for cars, autonomous drivingC#, Linuxautomotive industryBrigachtal
Development of software and interfaces for encoders, motor feedback systems and sensorsJava-GUI Script, MS-Windows, C++/C#, Embedded CSensors technology and optical industryStuttgart
Development of technical software and interfaces, embedded software, firmware, visualizations, control monitors to control medical devices and machinesC++/C#, Embedded Linux, embedded, RTX Real Time, Keil/MDK-Arm as well as Visual-StudioMedical and measuring technologyStuttgart
Development of technical software and interfaces for medical systems and laser systemsMS-Windows, C++/C#, Net Framework, Embedded Linux, Labview, Mathlab, RTX-Realtime, Visual StudioMedical systemsFreiburg
Creation of controllers and interfaces for metal processing and test machines
PLC programming and usual programming of Siemens and
Fanuc controllers, EPlan
Test benches and testing machinesBrigachtal
Development of software and interfaces for optical systems and measurement devices for quality assuranceC#, NET Framework, Windows FormsOptical systems and measurement devicesBrigachtal
Development of technical software and interfaces to control packaging machinery for pharmaceutical industryC++, SQL, embedded systems, PHP, LinuxPharmaceutical industryStuttgart
Development and introduction of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for public authorities and the public health sector; hospitals, etc.Database oracle and MS-Database, Linux, C++, C# Java/Java ScriptEnterprise Resource PlanningStuttgart