Meet IAW

IAW is an international academy for education and training based in Germany, Baden-Württemberg. IAW offers a unique opportunity for IT students and recent graduates to do an internship in German companies.

The trainees are working on practice-oriented projects and activities. Throughout the year, young specialists work on a par with German professionals. IAW has a broad network of trustworthy contacts in the German business environment, which provides a large selection of internships and year-round sending interns.

After the successful fulfillment of the internship, IAW offers an opportunity to continue cooperating with the company and get a well-paid job in Chisinau. Thereby IAW supports the economy of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It motivates the young generation to stay in the home country and develop the local economy.

Since 2012 many novice programmers and engineers have taken advantage of the IAW Internships program. Their examples prove that you can work near your family in our home country, get a good salary, and keep self-development.

About IAW

Contact persons

Contact person for companies, lecturer of economics and business economics

Walter Erchinger
Dipl. Volkswirt, Dipl. Wirtschaftsing. FH

Auditing and educational programme

Bärbel Groh

Contact for legal questions

Dr. Groll

Organisation and coordination

Karlheinz Boos
Dipl.Ing. FH

Student supervisor
also contact for residence authorisation questions

Gerda Schwemmer

Senior Consultant

Kurt Glökler

Contact for technology transfer and university graduates

Dmitri Calugari
Master of Engineering Sciences (M.Sc.)

Speach and political education

Annette Beha

University contact person

Christoph Glogowski

Contact for finances

Wolfgang Hauger

Applicant analysis

Dr. Clarissa Erchinger


Dr. Stephan Krohn

Public relations
and document management

Reinhard Poschmann

Revision and controlling

Maxim Cvartin

Coordination and assessment center

Ecaterina Babitina

Ukraine contact

Nicoleta Stavila