The background of a potential trainee

IAW interns are students and graduates of technical specialties who have studied programming, engineering, mathematics, or physics in the field of information technology.

You can try yourself in Desktop development if you know such modern programming languages ​​as Java, Python, C, C ++, C #, and programming environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Qt Creator.

Or maybe you prefer programming embedded systems?  Here you need experience with microcontrollers and chips, as well as knowledge of C and electronics.

It is worth mentioning that, for a diligent candidate is not a big problem to learn another programming language, to be able to face the requirements of the German company, where he/she will have to pass an internship.

The trainees need to know English or German at the Intermediate level to make good communication and professional exchange with colleagues in Germany possible.

The candidate must be a student of a higher educational institution for at least four semesters or a recent graduate and to be ready to confirm this, including grades and studied subjects.